At itseeze Web Design Ryedale, we don’t work in the same way as most Yorkshire web designers and developers, in that we don’t ask for full payment upfront. 
Sometimes, we come across potential customers who have reservations about paying monthly – feeling that this means they end up paying more. 
In reality, the opposite is true! 
In this blog, we take a look at what’s included in our monthly payment plan, why we charge this way, and the benefits to our customers. 

All In - The Complete Package 

The it’seeze monthly subscription is designed to offer our websites as a service, and not just a product. Customers get much more than just a site - it’s a complete, ongoing support, maintenance, and hosting package. 
In addition to the website and easy to use CMS, our monthly subscription fee covers: 

 1. High quality hosting 

Secure, dependable web hosting in our dedicated, UK-based data centre. The result is minimal downtime and maximum stability, for real peace of mind. 

2. Email 

Our standard subscription includes up to 5 email addresses that match your web address – providing a consistent, professional image for all your corporate communications. 

 3. Tech support 

A 24/7 online support centre, dedicated technical support staff, and personal service from your local consultant Rob Davies. No call centres or automated messages – just reliable support, whenever you need it. 

 4. Ongoing technical updates 

We offer sites for life – our technical team are updating our platform regularly to incorporate the latest web technologies. This ensures your site never becomes obsolete or technically outdated. 

 5. Built in SEO Tools and Analytics 

The it’seeze web editor has a full suite of SEO tools built in – designed to help you improve your search engine rankings.  
It also includes a performance tracking package, so you can get detailed information about site traffic and engagement. 

 Counting the Cost - Cash Flow Benefits 

The key benefit with our payment model is that it spreads the cost of the website. For small and medium sized businesses, cash flow can be tight – and finding thousands of pounds upfront for a website can have a real impact on the budget. 
By spreading the cost across the lifecycle of the website, it frees up budget for the rest of the business. A typical 10 page Max site costs £400+VAT upfront, then £40+VAT a month, and includes everything – it’s affordable and predictable. 
Pay your designer everything upfront, and there will still be an ongoing cost. Hosting, amends, upgrades and changes will all be charged on top – so you’ll still be paying fees every month, but you won’t know what they might be. 

 it’seeze - A Website For Life  

Buy a website outright, upfront, and you get a website made for that time period. It’s a short term solution - web technology moves on, and as it does, your site will be left behind. This means costly upgrades every time you want to change functionality or add features. 
Our monthly model means that technical support and upgrades are included in the price you pay – saving you money over the long term. 

 Great value websites from it’seeze Web Design Ryedale 

Looking for a great value website that looks fantastic and supports your business goals? 
At it’seeze Web Design Ryedale, we create custom-designed, easy to edit websites that work in the real world. No industry jargon or tech speak – just real service and a website that reflects you perfectly and drives business performance online. 
Set up your free, no obligation meeting with Rob Davies from it’seeze Web Design Ryedale today by calling 01653 690 982, or by emailing 
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