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Websites are just a fad – after all, only 4.1 billion people worldwide use the internet regularly! 
The world wide web is a passing phase, and though website traffic is growing year on year, and 55% of the world is now online, your customers aren’t going to be looking for you on the computer, are they? 
Print is due a massive comeback soon, we’ll all be reading local newspapers and looking in the phone book again by 2019… 
If you’re planning on wasting money on a new small business website in 2018 – here are the top 7 reasons why you shouldn’t. 

1. Customers don’t look for businesses online 

Did you know that only 81% of customers do some kind of online research into companies before buying! At the same time, just 60% expect every company to provide relevant, up to date information about their businesses online. 
It’s barely worth bothering with. 

2. There are loads of alternatives 

It’s not as if people check online first when they’re looking for local products and services, is it? 
It is?! 
Well, the local phone book, the local paper and that noticeboard at the post office are clearly superior – customers are never going to bother looking online for your business in seconds when they can stumble across it in a handful of other places. 
If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. 

 3. All your competitors have websites 

Dare to be different – don’t follow the crowd. 70% of small businesses in the UK (your direct competitors) have a website, so not having one in 2018 is a great point of difference. 
You don’t want to bother with all those customers actively researching and shopping around for your services online anyway. You’ll be able to focus on the 10% of UK adults that don’t use the internet regularly. 

4. It’s ridiculously expensive 

You’ll never see a return on investment from a small business website. It’s practically impossible. 
A professionally designed website from it’seeze costs at least £200! It could be decades before you recoup that kind of money – depending on your products or services, you’d have to generate at least a single customer online to make it worthwhile. 
Why bother. You could print literally dozens (possibly 100+) of one sided flyers for that kind of money. 

5. People will be able to find your business 

The last thing you want is customers coming to your business uninvited. 
With up to date business contact details published online, literally anyone could find out where your business is, what it does, why they should do business with you and how to get in touch, at any time of the day or night, wherever they are in the world. 
Better to plod along as you are. 

6. It’s on 24/7 

Why would you want to have the potential to reach customers, 24/7, wherever they are, with no extra effort. 
You don’t want people finding out about your business and the benefits of coming to you by themselves. 

7. Everyone online is a scammer 

Reputable, successful businesses don’t have websites, do they? It’s a fact that any business that has a website is a con artist or a cowboy trying to scam you. 
You wouldn’t see major blue chip companies in every industry with professionally designed, up to date websites, so why would you want one? 
No one trusts a company that puts clear contact details and relevant, up to date information, freely available online. Make your customers work for it. 

Affordable, high performance small business websites from itseeze 

It’s hard to believe, but in 2018 – around a third of small businesses still don’t have a website! 
Don’t get left behind. Today, having a professionally designed, up to date website is essential for small businesses in every industry. 
At it’seeze Web Design Ryedale, we’re here to help drive your business performance online and deliver real competitive advantage with a fantastic, custom-designed website that you can edit yourself. You won’t find industry jargon or tech speak here – just beautiful, competitively-priced websites designed to work in the modern world. 
Set up your free, no obligation meeting with Rob Davies from it’seeze Web Design Ryedale today by calling 01653 690 982, or by emailing 
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