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Blogging is brilliant! it’s an easy, effective way for any small business to build trust, develop a brand, educate customers, generate leads and drive high quality, relevant traffic to their sites (check out our post on the benefits of blogging) 
At itseeze Ryedale, we encourage all our clients to blog, but many choose not to. Some say they don’t have time, whereas others don’t know what to write about, or don’t have confidence in their writing skills. 
Does that sound familiar? 
Although blogging can be difficult, it’s well worth the effort. Start publishing your own engaging, interesting, and effective posts today with help from these 8 top tips: 
Why content is king - blogging your way to a better business 
When it comes to optimising the performance of your website, quality, original content is king. One of the easiest and most effective ways of adding high-quality, interesting and effective content to your site is by blogging. 
In this post, we’re outlining a few of the key benefits of blogging, and how updating your blog regularly with fresh posts can provide a real, measurable and sustainable boost to your online business performance. 
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