Web design is always moving forward - and for small businesses that want to stay up to date and relevant online, it’s important that their website takes the latest trends and developments into account. 
As we enter the second half of the year, we explore some of the key design trends that have emerged in the first half of 2019. 
Whether you’re planning a new website or fancy a refresh – incorporating one or more of these trends into your small business website will ensure it looks the part. 

1. Typography 

Expressive typography has been becoming increasingly popular for several years now, but 2019 is the year when typography has really taken its place at the centre of the design. This doesn’t just come down to choosing the right font (although that is part of it) – it’s more about using words as a structural element of the web design. 
Whereas sans serif fonts have dominated the web space for years, we’re now seeing a move towards bold serif fonts on screen, especially for key headers and callouts. 

2. Black and white 

2017-18 was a period where expressive, bright, and contrasting colours were particularly popular – but in 2019, we’re seeing a big move towards black and white colour palettes. 
Used correctly, it can make a fantastic impact – the contrast between the clean white and bold black is really effective. We’re also seeing more sites utilise a single bold accent colour alongside the black and white to highlight key sections and calls to action. 

3. Mobile first and design for touch 

With mobile devices now handling the majority of web traffic – designers are increasingly looking towards a mobile-first approach. This has been happening for years, but it’s now going beyond ‘responsive design’. 
In 2019, we’re seeing a big move towards ‘thumb friendly’ navigation moved to the bottom of the screen, and a flowing structure that makes for easy browsing on the go. 

4. Breaking free from the grid 

The days of the fixed grid system of design may be coming to an end. This year, we’re starting to see more freedom in terms of structure, as designers look to incorporate more interesting shapes into the design. 
Squares and straight lines are being replaced by freeform organic shapes and editorial style layouts – with clever transitions and movement creating a more natural feel. 

5. Video everywhere 

Google loves video! Whether it’s background video, explainers, animations or motion graphics – its new mixed search results push quality video content above standard web pages in the rankings. 
This is having a big, knock-on effect on web design in 2019, as businesses are looking to incorporate even more video content high up on the homepage, as an integral part of the design. 

6. Minimalism 

Less is more, and we’ve seen a progressive move towards simple, stripped back designs over the past few years. 
This trend is continuing into 2019 – in simple colour palettes, minimal copy, and limited design elements that provide visitors with all the essential information, with no waste. With attention spans decreasing every year, it can be an effective way of connecting with your audience. 

7. Illustration 

Illustration is a great way of adding some personality to a website, and we’re seeing it more and more in 2019. 
Customised illustration makes a welcome change from stock photography, and is great for helping small businesses to stand out from the competition by building a distinctive brand identity. 

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