By now you should be familiar with (if not exhausted by) the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Scrambling for toilet rolls and our favourite foods aside, reports show a significant increase in the closure of traditional businesses. To progress, we need to stop dwelling on the uncertainty of our businesses and consider moving them online. 
With the Government relaxing the lockdown rules and our mainstream shops beginning to open, will we see the rush to the high streets as we once did, or will people continue to spend online?  
No matter what happens, online spending will continue to grow, so moving your business online will help generate much needed revenue to keep your operations going. 
So, let’s see what the main benefits are, of having a business online. 

Reaching customers 

Many traditional businesses are confined to a local market, which can mean a small town or a region. Moving them online will attract customers anywhere in the world.  
This will mean an increase in revenue and, more than that, setting up a website for a business will mean the company will practically be open 24/7, meaning visitors can make purchases at any hour, if it’s an ecommerce website 

Offering easier access to customers 

Imagine having a cake shop business in Malton - your business footfall is likely restricted at present. But what if it didn’t have to be, just think of the potential revenue increase if you moved your business online.  
What better way of promoting it than online? All the customer then has to do is order the product from the comfort of their home and wait for the delivery. The experience for the customer could not be easier! 

Better promotion for the traditional business 

Moving a company online does not mean shutting down the traditional one. They can work hand in hand, with the traditional business serving your local community and the online business leading to increased visibility in this very demanding market. 

Improved customer support 

Keeping in touch with customers and receiving feedback from them is much harder when having a traditional business only. Operating online will improve this part of the business and increase its credibility. 
Having an online business or moving a traditional company online, definitely comes with several advantages, among which, flexibility is one of the most important. 
We have worked with several companies to bring them an online presence and they are now reaping the rewards. 
Let’s look at what they say: 
“Coronavirus had a huge impact on our business. Overnight, almost all our orders dried up. Rob and the team at it’seeze Web Design Scarborough pulled out all the stops to help us. They got the new online shop running in under a week – so we could adapt our business completely for the current crisis. 
We took thousands of orders in the first few weeks – it has been a real lifeline for our business. I can’t thank him enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it’seeze Scarborough to anyone in need of a new website.” Richard Dale - Dales of Malton 
At it’seeze Web Design Scarborough, we have the skills and the experience to make taking your business online as easy as possible. We will design you a unique, engaging, and highly professional website, and we’ll be here to help whenever you need us – it’s all part of the ongoing service we offer. 
To find out more about how to bring your business online, please get in touch with our friendly team. 
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