The Importance of Quality Web Copy 
When most people start planning a new website, it’s the design that they focus on first. Web content is often an afterthought – something to go with the design, rather than an integral part of the website. 
In reality, your web content is the single most important aspect of your site. Quality copy is absolutely essential if your website is going to work as it should, and your business is going to perform to its full potential online. 
In this post, we take a look at why web content is so important, what makes quality copy, and what you can do to ensure that your web copy works for your business. 
Why web content is so important 
Winning web copy is much more than just words on a page. The right content will help your business to: 
• Communicate your key messages to visitors – providing potential customers with the right information about your business, what it does, and why they should do business with you 
• Improve your website rankings – including the right keywords (in the right places) helps to boost your site ranking with Google and other search engines, so you can be found by your target customers 
• Increase visitor numbers – improving site traffic and attracting potential customers to your business 
• Build trust and enhance its reputation – well written, informative content reflects well on your business, giving your visitors confidence in the quality of your products, services and business as a whole 
• Optimise conversion rates – transforming visitors into customers by encouraging them to take action and engage with your business 
Ultimately, high quality web content will add real value to your website, help you to achieve your commercial goals and will boost the performance of your business online. 
7 secrets of quality web copy 
So what makes good web content? 
Of course, every business is different, but quality copywriting is underpinned by a few key principles. To ensure that your web copy works for your business, it needs to be: 
1. Unique – plagiarism doesn’t work, and search engines punish stolen content 
2. Aimed at your customers – written with your target audience in mind, including key words and phrases that they are looking for 
3. Well structured – optimised for search engines and for readers, with important information at the top of the page 
4. Easy to read – clear, simple, and nicely organised into small sections, with optimised headers, sub headings and bullets 
5. Focused - every page should have a clear message, purpose and call to action 
6. Benefit driven – features are fine, but benefits are better! Focus less on what you do and how you do it, and more on why your customers need your products/services, and how they benefit 
7. Free from jargon – unless you’re selling to other industry experts, drop the technical language and keep things simple 
Professional copywriting support 
Many business owners choose to write their own web copy – but just because they can, doesn’t mean they should! 
Copywriting is a skill and writing web copy is time consuming – time that could be spent working on your core business. In many cases, employing a professional copywriter will provide a better all-round solution. In addition to saving you time, stress and hassle on writing the copy, you’ll also benefit from professional quality content written by someone who knows how to produce effective web content. 
A talented copywriter will be able to work with you to understand your business, brand, personality and key messages, before creating unique, impactful content that’s focused on your goals and will help your business to perform online. 
Copywriting support from it’seeze 
Looking for a fantastic, custom-designed website you can edit yourself? Want quality web copy that reflects the quality of your design, and helps to boost your business performance online? 
Get in touch with itseeze today. We create beautiful, affordable websites that are designed to work in the modern world, and as part of the package, we’re happy to put you in touch with a trusted, professional copywriter who will help you to create the winning content your new website deserves. 
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