In 2017, it doesn’t matter what your business does - every organisation needs a professional website if it is going to achieve its full potential. 
Although the majority of businesses are now online, recent figures suggest that 30% of businesses still don’t have a working website
In this post, we take a look at the top 8 benefits of investing in a website for small businesses in the UK: 
1. Your customers expect you to have one 
If your customers can’t find you online, then they are increasingly likely to head elsewhere. 
2. You’re missing out on new customers if you don’t 
When potential customers are looking for your products and services – the first place they look is online. 
If your business isn’t online, they aren’t going to find you and they will go elsewhere, to one of your competitors. In 2017, having a professional website (and registering your business with Google My Business) is the single best way of generating cold leads. 
3. Your competitors have websites 
70% of businesses now have websites – and if you’re in the minority of businesses that don’t, you’re at a serious commercial disadvantage. It doesn’t matter whether you do business locally, nationally or internationally – there are customers looking for your products and services online. 
4. It builds credibility 
In 2017, a high-quality, professionally designed website is one of the best ways of demonstrating that your business is credible, reliable, and worth doing business with.  
Having a good website will reassure potential customers that your business is legitimate, and is your chance to build the confidence and trust levels they need to make a purchase. 
5. It’s your online storefront 
Your company website is your opportunity to showcase your business, products, and services to potential customers all over the world – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a powerful platform where you control all the narrative, and the content.  
With your own website, you can shape opinions about your business and push the benefits of doing business with you. 
6. It’s a powerful sales tool 
A business website enables you to attract, engage with, and convert potential customers like no other platform. Whether you’re looking to build a reputation, attract new customers, or drive sales, the right website will enable you to inform, persuade, and sell to your target audience, wherever they may be. 
7. You can measure performance 
If it’s digital, it’s measurable – and with your own website, it’s possible to gather powerful information you can use to improve the performance of your business. 
You can track the numbers of website visitors, demographics, how visitors find you, the pages they visit, and how long they stay on your site.  
Website analytics provide powerful business intelligence that will help you make the right decisions when it comes to marketing your business, both online and in the real world. 
8. It’s cheaper than you might think 
As long as you choose the right web design company, a great website doesn’t have to cost the earth – and will provide a return on investment that far outstrips the initial cost. 
In the long run, not having a website will cost far more in lost business and the impact on your reputation. The question shouldn’t be whether you can afford to invest in a website, but whether you can afford not to! 
Professionally designed websites from it’seeze 
Don’t get left behind by your competitors, or struggle on with a shoddy, self-built site – get professional support from it’seeze Web Design Ryedale. 
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You won’t find industry jargon or tech speak here – just beautiful, competitively-priced websites designed to work in the modern world. 
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